Avalanche Basement

The focus of the basement would be on the wet bar. Our client wanted a highly detailed and functional wet bar that had a feel of a Irish pub. Lots of effort went into designing and crafting the paneled columns and arch, the brick backsplash and the back bar design. A beer dispenser that could accommodate 3 kegs was desired along with several beverage fridges. We lite up the back bar with LED lights to give the spirit bottles an unique glow. A modest but functional wine cellar was built to hold around 300 bottles. A custom wine rack design made the cellar look great. Several other special items in the basement included a barn door to the utility room, and a bookcase door to the storage area. The whole basement looks classy and fun for a big party or it can be a quiet spot for guests to relax while sipping on their favorite beverage watching a movie.

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